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Jane Hinchey is an Aussie author who loves to write cozy mysteries with plenty of laughs and mayhem along the way – who says murder can’t be fun? Her bestselling Ghost Detective series combines all of this into an intriguing melting pot of paranormal danger, fast-paced (but not too dangerous) action, and plenty of tongue-in-cheek snarky humor.

Jane lives in the mortal realm with her non-paranormal man, two cats whose paranormal status is yet to be determined (she did catch them trying to open a portal in the kitchen that one time), and a turtle named Squirt (who is massive!).

Sometimes, when the supernatural chaos calls for a different kind of story, she writes under the name Zahra Stone, where the characters you meet are as sexy as they are deadly.

Why join the LITTLE DEVILS

I love connecting with people who read my books, only nowadays on social media that connection is getting lost. Readers don't see my posts and I don't see notifications when I'm tagged or you reply to a post (should you be lucky enough to see it). I want this to change. I've heard good things about Mighty Networks, so here we are. This is a safe community where we can hang out together.

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